Помогите Пожалуйста с английским!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Срочноооооооооо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A man once went to Greece.When he came home he began to tell tales about his trip. He spoke about the things he has done. One day he told his friends he took part in a jumping-match."I won it.Just go to Greece and ask them. Everyone will tell you" It is true". But one of his friends ho listened to him said,"If you can jump as well as that, we needn`t go to Greece. Let`s imagine this is Greece for a minute. And now- jump!"
When he had come he began to tell
he spoke about the things he had done
one day he told his friend he had taken
"I won. Just go to Greece. Everyone will tell you"
but one of his friends who listened to him
let's imagine