Задай вопросы пользуясь подсказкой.
1.Ira went to the funfair.(When) - Wen did she go there?
2.Alina bought new things.(What)
3.Victor rode a bike.(Where)
4.Natasha left the cinema.(Why)
5.Alla wrote a lot of letters.(When)
6.Stas got aa lot of presents. (What)
7. Sergey sang at the concert. (When)
8. I saw a dinosaur. (Where)
9. Lyuba made a card. (Why)


Ответы и объяснения

2:What did Alina buy? 3:Where did he ride? 4;Why did she leave the cinema 5:When did she write a letter? 6;What did he get? 7:When did he sing at the concert? 8:Where did I see it? 9:Why did she make a card