My dream

Исправьте мои ошибки пожалуйста

Each person has their own dream. I think that people who would not dream of anything , simply do not exist.
I also have dreams. Quite a lot of them. But my main dream is one.
I love animals and want long dog. The dog is very loyal and faithful friend. She will not betray, do not lie, do not offend. I always wanted to take care of any animal. I know many things about the dog and read about it,so I need it Sobchak regret until my parents would let me get a dog,but very soon I will be leaving studying in the Institute and I will definitely get a puppy.
If people will seek to his goal, his dreams will come true.


Ответы и объяснения

Quite убрать, оно не нужно.
что значит a long dog? надо так: and I want a dog. Dogs are very loyal and faithful friends.
They will not betray, will not lie, will not offend.

I know many things about dogs and I have read a lot about them.
про Собчак вообще не поняла что к чему. да и не дописано у Вас ничего.