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Complete the dialogue. Use the Present Simple and the Present Continuous.
Betty: Oh, what a funny photo! When did you take it?
Ben: Last year, at my school`s New Eve party.
Betty: Who is playing the guitar?(play)
Ben: Duncan. He often ________ the guitar at the parties. (play) He can play the guitar very well.
Betty: What ______ the girls _____? (do)
Ben: They ______ an old English song. (sing) The girls perform in our School Theatre, Look! Jim and Ann ______. (dance) They are good dancers. They ______ in our School Dancing Club. (dance)
Betty: I see. And what do you do aften classes?
Ben: I like taking photos. Do you like my photo?
Betty: It`s great.


Ответы и объяснения

Plays,is doing,are singing, are dancing, dance
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ой сорри, там не is а are
учить надо
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