Вставить необходимые артикли (a, the) в
Вставить необходимые артикли (a, the) в место
пропусков. 1) Svyatoslav Fedorov was __ wonderful eye doctor, he
treated__ serious eye diseases. 2) Yuri Bashmet is__ famous musician.
His concerts take place in__ dest concert halls. 3) Sergei korolev was
__ great engeener and ___ sientist. His ideas are still very important
for__ spake engineers. 4) Ilia Repin was __ great Russian painter. You
can see his best works at the Tretyakov Gallery. 5) Georgy Greckko is __
cosmonaut!; He has flown to ___ space three times. 6) Ulyana Lopatkina
is__ a famous ballet dancer; she dances at the Mariinsky Theatre is St
Petersburg. 7) Peter __ Great became ___ Tsar when he was __ young boy.
10) Fade Bellinghausen and Mikhail Lazarev were___ explosers; they
discovered Antarctica in 1820.


Ответы и объяснения

1) the a 2)a, the.  3) a, a.the 4) a/ 5) a. the 6)-. 7)the a a 10) the