Помогите пожалуйста! Составить деолог экскурсовода и туриста чтобы экскурсовод расказывал о биг бене (на английском)5-7предложений


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- Hello, Now I'll tell you about Big Ben. Big Ben is the biggest bell of hours in the UK. It weighs 13.5 tons.

-Hello,what is the height of the tower with the clock?

- The clock tower is 318 feet tall. You have to go up 374 steps to reach the top.

- Tell me, who are named in honor of the clock bell of Big Ben?

- Watch the bell called Big Ben after Sir Benjamin Hall.

-Hmm ... and who is Benjamin Hall?

-Sir Benjamin was a big man.One day he said in Parliament, "Shall we call the bell St. Stephen's?" St. Stephen's is the name of the tower.But someone said for a joke, "Why not call it Big Ben?" Now the bell is known all over the world by that name. 

- Many of the new learned! Thank you very much for the tour was interesting.