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Mona Lisa painting .
The painting depicts a rectangular format woman in dark clothes , turning half-turned . She sits in a chair , his hands clasped together , the opera one hand on his arm , and the other resting on top , turning in his chair almost towards the viewer . Parted , smooth and flat lying hair , prominent through draped them transparent veil ( according to some assumptions - attribute widowhood ) , fall on the shoulders of two sparse , slightly wavy locks . Green dress in thin assemblies with yellow sleeves pleated , white low cut on his chest. The head is slightly rotatedThe lower edge of the picture cuts off the second half of her body , so the portrait is almost waist . Chair in which sits a model standing on the balcony or on the balcony , parapet line which is visible behind her elbowsLoggia overlooks the desert wilderness with meandering streams and lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains , which stretches to the horizon line up high behind the figures . "Mona Lisa is represented sitting in a chair in a landscape , and it is very much an approximate comparison to the viewer figures with visible from afar, like a huge mountain , landscape informs image extraordinary greatness.