Помогите определить, какое время
1. she was writing poems.
2. he hastaken part in the Olympic Games.
3. Iwas interested in his work.
4. he will be watching a football match.
5. they will have been discussing this problem.
6. they had won the game.
7. he rests after dinner.
8. they will call on you.
9. they are waiting near the shop.
10. she had been checking this test.
11. they will have written a letter.
12. she has been preparing for the match


Ответы и объяснения

Past Contin
present Perfect
Past simple Passive
Future Continious
Future Perfect
Past Perfect
Present Simple (Indefinit)
Future Simple
Present Continous
Past Perfect Continuos
Present Perfect Continuos
Past cont. Present perf. Past simple passive Future cont. Future perfect Past perfect Present simple Future Present cont ? ?