Помогите составить диалог на английском языке между врачом и пациентом, используя следующие словосочетания:
hurt to walk;
fall down while playing basketball;
examine the leg;
stay at home;
write out a prescription;
rub the medicine in


Ответы и объяснения

- Good morning, doctor. - Good morning. What`s the matter with you? - Well, I feel awful. My leg hurts so much that I can hardly walk. - I have to examine you leg... Oh, I consider you have just the traumatic injury.  - That`s possible. Yesterday I fell down while playing  basketball...and at once I felt something wrong with my leg... - Well yes...Now I'm going to write out a prescription for you. That`s the medicine that you should  rub in your leg. - I see, doctor. What else? - You should also stay in bed for a couple of days and then If you follow my instructions you will feel better soon. If you don't feel better, you will have to call for me. - Thank you, doctor!