А можно более развернутые ответы на вопросы:how many times a year do you travel?For how long do you go away?Do you stay in your home country or go abroad?Which means of transport do you prefer? Do you travel alone,with family or friends or in an organised group? предложений 17 приблизительно ,заранее благодарю)


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Millions of people spend their hollidays travelling. I'm not the exception. I like to travel very much. Usually I travel about 3 times a year. Terms of how many times a year I travel, depend on situation. Sometimes I leave home for a week, but more often for month. Basically I go abroad, because I really enjoy it. I think that travelling is the best way to entertain yourself and to know something interesting about places which you attend. People travel by train, plane, boat and car. In all ways travel has its advantages and disadvantages. And people choose according to their mode of transportation plans and purpose of the tripAnd of course I prefer airplanes because they are more reliable. All the time I'm looking through  the illuminator and I love it. I always travel with my family and friends. I love them, so that's why I like to spend my time with them.