Change direct speech into reported speech - Mike says:1- "i have a lot of homework "
2-"my parents went to london on business last week
3-"i shall be a good doctor.
jane asks:1-help me please with my homework
2-listen to the musici like
3-do not shout at the children
4-read the newspaper and then give it to me
5-answer my questions
jack asks:1-did you go to the shops yesterday?
2- what time will you live home for school?
3-were you having a bath whan i phoned?
4-are you doing your homework now?
5-have you been to india?
6- when did you see her last?

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Mike says that he has a lot of homework
Mike says that his parents went to london on business a week before.
Mike says that  he will be a good doctor.
Jane asks to help her  with her homework
Jane asks to listen to the  musici like 
Jame asks  not to shout at the children
Jane asks to read the newspaper and then give it to her
Jane asks to answer her questions
Jack asks if I went to the shops the day before.
Jack asks what time I will  leave home for school.
 Jack asks if I were having a bath whan he phoned
Jack asks if I am doing my homework then
Jack asks if I have  been to india
Jack asks  when I saw  her last