Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке на тему: хочешь ты учится за границей, плюсы минусы этого. пожалуйста 100-120 слов, только на английском, и если можно с переводом..


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I would like to study in the Oxford.Is a beautiful place but I don't know very good Engilsh.And I  think I will miss about Russia because I born here my parents live here and if I go I don't think  what I can see my parents everyday.But  I can to london and see the Big Ben ,the Tower and The Shard or The Shard of Glass.I can see a lot of things there but I will not have my friends there.So I think here is better because  here is my family  my friends and here I can do  a lot of things.

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Nowadays the tendency to study abroad is becoming incredibly popular. People try to go somewhere, expend their boundaries, learn something new everyday. But even if you have that once-in-a-life opportunity, you still aren’t sure whether or not studying aboard is a good option for you. On the one hand there are a lot of pluses. For once you will become more independent. If you're living alone in a foreign country you have no choice but be more confident about yourself and make your own decisions. This part of studying aboard is the obvious plus. Second good thing is that  you can enjoy the culture and history of another country and perhaps even learn a new language or improve your english skills. You will find new friends and contacts all over the world that can prove to be very helpful in the future. And the last but not least studying aboard will get you a bit closer to your dream job. It will look really good on your resume. By spending couple of years aboard you will show your future employer that you're not afraid to try different things, use and explore new methods and ideas. On the other hand studying aboard is a big stress. All those pluses we were talking about up there can be a great minuses at the same time. The hardest part for better part of students is adapting to a different culture and to a may be even opposite way of life. It is a really big emotional challenge. You should be ready that you won't have any friends, the language that is native there is just a set of sounds for you. Communication might be really awkward if you don't understand anything people around you are saying. That might be a cause of mild depression. There are no presents who will solve all problems you have. Because all of that you might get homesick. There are another big minus. There is no denying that studying and living in foreign country can be very expensive. So anyway it is you own decision to make. You should remember the euphoria that you are feeling right now will pass very quickly. It takes a lot of mental strength to become a part of New world. You should not forget that this is a very important decision and no matter what do not rush it.
писала с телефона, поэтому не знаю сколько слов. Вычкркни то что не нравится. И могут быть опечатки. Надеюсь помогла :)