. Read the story. Then, write 10 questions about the story.
Break Time
It’s break time. Break time is from 8:00 to 8:15 every night.Some students are in the cafeteria. Kim is calling her son, Jason.He’s home alone tonight. She’s asking him, “Is everything allright?” Michael and David are sitting at the table and talking aboutbaseball, their favorite sport.Some students are in the ladies’ room. Olga is washing herhands. Ellen and Susan are combing their hair. Ellen is saying toSusan, “Your new hair style is beautiful.”Some students are in the classroom. Teresa and Patty are doingtheir homework together.Teresa is helping Patty with some new work. Mary and Ann aresitting and talking. Mary is putting on her lipstick, and Ann isfiling her nails. Her nails are very long. Every night they are dif-ferent color. Ali and Harry are standing at the desk. Ali is shar-pening his pencil. Harry is trying to fix his tape recorder. It isn’tworking. Ali is saying, “Maybe the batteries are dead.”


Ответы и объяснения

What  time is break?Are some students  in the classroom?Did Teresa help Patty?Are Ann nails long?What Ali says in the end?What time end break?Who loves baseball?Are anybody  in the  cafeteria?Did Maru and Ann?Did Kim has son?