. I just (to see) Jack. 2. She (to wash) the dishes from five till six. 3. Look! She (to draw) a very nice picture. 4. At this time yesterday I (to talk) to my friend. 5. The TV programme (to be­gin) before I (to come) home. 6. I (not to eat) ice­cream since summer. 7. I understood that she (not to read) my letter. 8. She (to do) the rooms when I (to come) home. 9. It's all right: she (to find) the way out of the situation. 10. He (to come) home late yesterday. 11. She is very glad: she (to finish) her composition at last. 12. He (to trans­late) the whole text by eleven o'clock. ГЗ. I never (to be) to Rome. 14. Last year we (to work) very much. 15. When I (to have) breakfast, I went to school. 16. I (not to see) you for ages! I am very glad to see you. 17. When you (to see) the "Swan Lake"? 18. My sister already (to graduate) from the institute. 19. He repaired the toy which his brother (to break) the day before. 20. I (to see) an interesting TV programme this week. 21. You ever (to be) to Trafalgar Square? 22. They (to cook) the whole day yesterday.


Ответы и объяснения

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1 have just seen
2 was washing
3 is drawing
4 was talking
5 had begun before I came
6 haven't eaten
7 hadn't read
8 was doing rooms when I came
9 will find
10 came
11 will have translated
12 have never been
14 worked
15 had
16 haven't seen
17 did you see
18 has already graduated
19  had broken
20 have seen
21 have you ever been
22 were cooking