По одному предложению, каждого вида предложений (Паст Симпал и другие)


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PRESENT- He paints beautiful pictures.When do you usually have lunch ?Girls often wear dresses

PAST -He painted several  beautiful pictures last month. His fater bought him a new scooter  3 days ago

FUTURE- He  will paint a  beautiful picture next week. I shall/ will help you with your work


PRESENT I am reading a book now.It is raining .

PAST  - When I was crossing the street the policeman saw me. When she went out the sun was shining

FUTURE I*ll be waiting for you at 5 o*clock sharp tomorrow


PRESENT - They have already seen @Hamlet@. I can*t write because I*ve hurt my finger

PAST- He had already eaten 5 cakes when we came. After she had finished her work she turned on TV.

FUTURE- We *ll have finished all this before the night


PRESENT He has been doing his homework since early morning. I have been ridindg a bicycle for 2 hours

PAST -She had been learning English for 5 years.I was tired when I met you because I had been ridindg a bicycle for 2 hours

FUTURE- I shall/ will have been  ridindg a bicycle for 2 hours when I meet you for the second time