Сочинение на тему: жизнь типичного Российского школьника.На английском языке.


Ответы и объяснения


I am a schoolboy. I live in Russia and that is why my life is like the one of every boy or girl in our country. My working day begins at 6 a.m. I do my morning exercises, brush my teeth and wash my face. If I have enough time I can take a shower and only after that I have my breakfast. Most of all I prefer a cup of tea or coffee with a sandwich, or it may be a glass of juice with a cake for my breakfast. Then I go to school. As I live far from the school it takes me half an hour to get to my school by bus. My lessons begin at 8 a.m. At school I learn different subjects such as math, languages, history, biology, geography and many other. I like English very much and it seems to me that this language is the best of all. After school I go home and have a rest. I like sports and I go in for football three times a week. In the evening I usually do my home work, read or listen to my favourite music. I like different styles of music and I think any style is good if it is pleasant to listen to. As for wathing TV I can say that I prefer to see films or different music channels. You see that my life does not differ from the life of any schoolboy in our country.