Помогите придумать 10 предложений в Present Continuous (желательно что бы они были интересные)


Ответы и объяснения

1.       I am talking to friend through skype now.
2.       i am driving my car.
3.       The kids are watching TV.
4.       Sally is not learning German.
5.       He is painting a picture right now.
6.       We are waiting for the bus.
7.       They are running around the park.
8.       Ann is taking a bath.
9.       Look! My father is smoking a cigar.
10.   Jake is playing the guitar. 
1.we are going to get a degree 2. i am listening some interesting advice 3.  he is singing a beautiful song 4. my brothers is taking dancing classes 5.Somebody taking part in that cjmpetition. 6. the doctor is going to have a lunch 7. are you doing your homework at that moment? 8.  we are recording a new album now 9. what are you doing now? 10.  His English is becoming worse