Перевод нужен???
просто напиши или по руски или по английский как хочешь

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My favorite season is summer. You don't have to go on studies, you do everything you want. The weather usually is sunny or warm, or rainy and cold, so everyone enjoys it! I like reading books, riding a bike, go swimming and diving in the sea. My dad likes going fishing with me in August. Дальше напишите про путешествия:)
Выберай переведу если надо на англиский
переводить я умею
I love to spend their leisure decently! I often walk along the street with friends, walk in the Park.
I love to go shopping, to buy different things, and very, very like to play computer! love to spend their leisure decently! I'm a man who takes life, the most important thing, and we should not ignore the life!!!
Молодец, незачто)))