Помогите придумать не сложные
помогите придумать не сложные предложения. с каждым словом по 10 предложений)
3)stretch (out)
6)to leave much to be desired
7) expenses


Ответы и объяснения

1. Do you know these speech patterns? 2. It's hard to see the pattern in the middle of the audience, it's hard to see the pattern of this. 3. So there's an interesting pattern, but we don't have enough data here to actually see the pattern. 4. This would be a normal wave pattern..5. It's the same pattern at many different scales. 6. There is a clearly defined pattern to the graph.7. And that pattern, the architecture of that pattern on its skin denticles keep bacteria from being able to land and adhere. 8. We can rotate this pattern in six dimensions, and see that it's quite pretty. 9. I was eliminating the data to get the true pattern of the data to shine through.10. it’s an area pattern of trade.
1. And then from that point on, you're basically falling. So momentum is good.2. For those of you who remember your physics, that's a zero-angular-momentum righting response.3. It can give credit to sound decision-making, adding momentum to success.4. he observed that the meeting would be the occasion to give fresh momentum to the work. 5. The promulgation of the above Presidential Decree gave fresh momentum to all activities undertaken by the State and society in order to guarantee the legal and organizational conditions necessary for the realization of human.6. With this as a momentum, looking back over the past half a century and inaugurating a new, more creative era in the world. 7. Due to the decline in food production, budgetary resources were diverted to famine relief, thus interrupting the development momentum. 8. Bold measures are called for, and the present trends provide much-needed momentum for change.9. That the process had gathered momentum.10. Despite these declines, current trends suggest that the momentum of growth in the developing world remains strong enough
1. If I grab the canvas, I can kind of do the same thing -- stretchit out. 2. And if it's even more silent, they stretch their necks out. 3. I can do it simultaneously, where I'm holding this down, and gripping on another one, stretching this out like this.  4. But what's even cooler is that if I have two fingers, I can actually grab a photo and then stretch it out like that really easily.5. And I decided to build it up. Then I used fibers out of my jumper, which I held and stretched. 6. The room was a lovely size with plenty of space to stretch out and looked out onto a traditional Tuscan garden. 7. In silence, they stretch out their hands to each other. 8. We have come a very long way, but the road still stretches out endlessly before us 9. Stretch out and get some sleep 10. He stretch out a hand for me. 

10. Though driving standards in remote places leave much to be desired , I found the main dangers to be animals.
1. I have many expenses to meet.
2. My mother advised to me cut down expenses
3. My parents have an expenses book
4. The recurrent expenses leave much to be desired.
5. It should be better for me to contract my expenses.
6. The company clear its expenses
7. My husband defrayed the expenses to repair the car.
8. My dad gave to me some money on pocket expenses
9. Mr Costigan said he expected the party to cover the medical expenses.
10. Our friends Jack and Liz have netted approximately seventy thousand pounds after expenses.
1. At my suggestion we went on a picnic.
2. There was a suggestion of truth in what he said.
3. I have to reject your suggestion.
4. It was rich suggestion for me.
5. It is a full of suggestion question for every one of us.
6. It was very good project and he had adopted a suggestion of mine.
7. Of course, this suggestion may make you pause over your cup of tea.
8. There was never a suggestion that I was going to go to Russia.
9. The suggestion was also made that to buy some books.
10. The captain and crew opposed a suggestion that access to the bridge should be blocked.
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