How many friends you have and if they are mostly boys or girls or both; what you like about them; If there is anything in their behaviour that annoys you; What brings you together and makes you good friends; Напишите пожалуйста сочинение включая все эти темы! Как бы рассказать об этом.


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I have a lot of friends. They are not only my classmates but children who live in my yard and visit  my sport club. Most of them are boys. but there are a lot of  girl- friends whom I have known since my childhood. We can spend our free time together playing, speaking and walking. I have 2 best friends whom I can trust all my secrets and thoughts. Sometimes I think that my friends* behaviour annoys me but it happens very seldom and depends on my own mood. We like sport that*s why we like to play sport games together.