Помогите заполнить диалог с Past Simple или Past Progressive глаголов в скобках.
A:I (7)___(not\sleep) very well last night.
B: Why? (8)___ (you\have) a nightmare?
A: Sort of. I (9)___ (sleep) when a loud noise (10)___ (wake) me up. I (11)___ (open) my eyes and (12)___(see) a strange man in my room.
B: Come on! You were probably imagining things.
A: Probably, the man (13)___ (wear) a knight`s armour and blood (14)___ (pour) from his side.
B: You know, you should stop reading novels before going to bed.


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Didn't sleep
Did you have
was sleeping, woke, opened, saw
was wearing, was pouring