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I want to tell you about my cat, whose name is quite usual - mursic. I picked him up on the street tiny kitten, when I came home from school. Despite its size, this tiny lump had a very loud voice, and ate so that soon became like a fluffy ball with a thin tail. Cat very long time for some reason not grow, and we have already decided that it seems he has some miniature breed, but at some point he suddenly turned into a big, handsome cat with smart green eyes.

My cat is very affectionate, funny and smart.

He always somehow know when I go home from school. When the door opens, he rushes out to meet me, rubbing on my feet and meowing loudly, like saying how much he missed me.

He likes to play hide and seek with me and catch-up and always finds me, no matter where I was hiding. In the morning the cat up and tries to Wake anyone, so he asks to breastfeed.

My cat is not just a domestic animal, a family member, and I like him very much.

It's late and I should go to bed, here is my favorite Murzik, as usual, is also laid on the pillow next to me, purring loudly. Good night, my dear! Tomorrow is a new day.