Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в Present Continuos Present Simple
1 They (to read) many books 2 They (to read) many books? 3 They (not to read) many books 4 the childrren (to eat)soup now 5 the childrren (to eat)soup now?6 the childrren (not to eat)soup now 7 you (to play) volley-ball well? 8 when you (to play) volley-ball? 9 what Nick (to do) in the evening? 11 we(not to dance) every day 12 Look?Kate( to dance) 13 Kate (to sing) well? 14 where he (to go) in the morning? 15 he (not to sleep) after dinner


Ответы и объяснения

2.do they read?
3.they don't read
4.the children are eating 
5.are the children eating?
6.the children are not eating
7.do you play?
8.when do you play?
9.what does Nick do?
10. we don't dance
11.kate is dancing
12.does kate sing?
13.where does he go?
14.he does not sleep.
предложения написаны не полностью.только конструкция. придется дописать. удачи:)