Will married Anne Hathaway in November, and she came to live in Henley Street. Families cost a lot of money, and John Shakespeare was having a lot of money troubles in those days. Times were hard in Henley Street.
Susanna was born the next May. Will was very pleased with her. "Look. Toby, she's got my eyes," he said happily. "She's going to be as beautiful as the Queen of Egypt, and as clever as King Solomon."
I didn't see much of Will's wife. She came from a very serious, Puritan family. Lots of church-going, and no singing or dancing.
Soon there was another baby on the way, and one evening in February 1585, I hurried round to Henley Street to hear the news. Will's sister, Joan, opened the door, and then Will came running down the stairs.
"It's two of them!" he said. 'Twins! A girl and a boy. Isn't that wonderful?"
Will had some good friends. Hamnet and Judith Sadler, and he named the twins after them. John Shakespeare was very pleased to have his first grandson, and everyone was happy. For a while.
Will and I still went around together when we could. He was still reading, and writing, and soon I could see a change in him. He was twenty-three now, and he was not happy with his life,"Stratford's too small, Toby," he said. Too slow. Too quiet. Too monotonous. I've got to getaway."
"Yes, but how?" I asked. "You've got a family—three young children, remember."
He didn't answer.
In the summer months companies of players often came to small towns, and in 1587 five different companies came. Will and I always went to see the plays. Will loved to talk to the actors and to listen to all their stories of London.
The Queen's Men came to Stratford in June, and we went to see the play. Will said it was a stupid play, with not a word of poetry in it.
One evening a few months later. I walked into the Shakespeares' kitchen, and there was Anne, with a red, angry face, shouting at the top of her voice.
"How can you do this to me? And what about the children? " Then she saw me and stopped.
Will was sitting at the table, and looked pleased to see me. "I've told Anne," he said quietly, "that I'm going to live in London, I want to be an actor, and to write plays, if I can."
He turned to Anne. " Listen. I'll come home when I can, but I must go to London. I can't do anything in Stratford."
He looked at me across the room. "Are you coming with me, Toby?"
"How soon can we start?" I said.

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"написать пьесу?"-он рассмеялся .
Я не сказал ничего больше и Уилл посмотрел на меня и снова рассмеялся.Это произошло несколько месяцев спустя.Я пришел на кухню Шекспиров одним из вечеров и там была Анна с красным злым лицом.кричавшая из всех сил."Как ты смог поступить так со мной? и как с детьми?"Тогда она посмотрела на меня и остановилась.
Уилл сидел за столом и посмотрел на меня довольно."Я рассказал Анне"сказал он тихо."что я собираюсь уехать жить в Лондон.Я хочу быть актером и писать пьесы,если я смогу"."Пьесы!"кричала Анна"Актерство.Актеры грязные и злые люди!они воры и преступники!Они пьют целый день и никогда не ходят в церковь..."
"Не будь глупой,Анна.Ты знаешь,что это неправда.Послушай.Я приеду домой,когда смогу,но я должен уехать в Лондон.Я ничего не сделаю в Стратфорде"он посмотрел на меня."Ты со мной,Тоби?"
"Когда выезжаем?"-спросил я