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№ 9

2. If we get a taxi, we will be there on time.

3. If you look in the fridge, I am sure you will find something.

4. He said if you boiled water,it would become steam.

5. If I find someone's wallet, I will give it to the police.

№ 10

1. If I were young enough, I would go to the seaside with my friend.

2. If my friend comes to my house today, we will prepare to the test.

3. If I was rich, I would visit  foreign countries.

4. If someone invited me to London, I would enjoy it.

5. If my friends forgot my birthday, I woudn't be upset.

6. If I wanted to lose weight, I wouldn't eat so much.

7. If I studied harder, I would know English better.

8. If I go to the beach, I would have a really good rest.