In summertime, off ___________________________ eastern coast of Canada near Newfoundland, humpback whales gather in large groups, or "schools" as they are called often "singing" to each other and making jumps out of the water. However, if you (to be) ___________________________ a humpback whale, you would have a problem. Today these playful and friendly whales (to catch) ___________________________ in the nets of fishermen who would prefer to save them if they could. Jon Lien and his assistants have been helping to free whales ___________________________ nets since 1998. More than 600 whales (to release) ___________________________up to now. In an interview Jon stated that recently our government (to agree) ___________________________ that the rescue of whales was ___________________________ issue that should be discussed at the international level. But, unfortunately, today some countries, like Japan, (to have) ___________________________ a different view on the protection of whales. Today scientists wish that the government (to finance) ___________________________ the production of "whale alarms" that would tell fishermen where the whales were so that the fishermen could avoid the area when they go fishing. (Although/Consequently/For instance/On the other hand) ___________________________, fishermen wouldn't lose thousands of dollars' worth of nets and fish, and the whales would be saved.


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In my opinion, these are the answers:
1. the
3.are caught
5.have been relesed
6.had agreed
8. have
Thankyou! How do you think it is wrong to write at 6 - have agreed?
yes, because the sentence is related to past
:) Are you from MD?
yeap :)