Помогите составить 10 предложений что мы должны делать в школе и 10 что не должны делать на английском


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 1. we should not fight for change. 2. we cannot shirk lessons. 3. we must not sit on the lesson without the case. 4. we should not run in the change. 5. we should not swear by my classmates. 6. we should not talk on the lessons .7. we must not run away with a lesson. 8. we must not interrupt the teacher when he talks. 9. we should not behave like home. 10. we must not hurt the kids.                                                                        

 1. at school we have to learn. 2. we have to get good grades. 3. we have approximately behave in class. 4. we must listen to the teacher. 5. we should always do your homework. 6. we must do everything we asked the teacher. 7. we must read, write, teach, will be considered. 8. we must be attentive. 9. we must behave . 10 must be an example for younger children