Letter Comment on the following statement: Young people these days are eating more and more junk food. Some people believe that junk food advertising on television should be banned. What can you say for and against the ban junk food advertising on TV? Write an essay to 200-250 words using the outline. Paragraph 1 Introduction (indication of a problem) Paragraph 2 Arguments "for" (with examples / justifications) Paragraph 3 arguments "against" (with examples / justifications) Paragraph 4 Conclusion


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Should they ban junk food ads from TV?   Of course they should.  Over 50% of the population is overweight as a direct result of junk food.  We all know obesity is out of control in this country, and promoting empty calories from fat and sugar is somehow OK based on the rights of capitalism. Give me a break. The industry promotes products that are processed with toxins to numerous to count, and is allowed to pass it off as food, because sleazy lawyers manage to skirt the rules by putting a sliver of lettuce on top and call it health food. Interesting to note that fast-food meat is processed with Ammonia to kill the Ecoli from the poorly raised beef stock from where it came.       No, though there needs to be restrictions on what companies say, they ought to have the right to advertise without the government acting like the peoples' nanny. They should not be allowed to lie and say that their products are healthy but by banning the ability to advertise the government is giving a huge blow to their business.   I would like that forbade fast food advertizing on TV, but it doesn't depend on me!