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We go shopping  on weekends when we have a lot of free time to find and choose  what we need. My mother says that shopping is a kind of sport or a hard work. If we want to buy any clothes or something for our house we usually do it with my  mother. She is my best friend and the best adviser. She knows all about fashion, new trends.We go tj the shopping mall where there are a lot of different shops or boutiques. We can find clothes, shoes, cosmetics and a lot of other things there. We can spend the whole day there. It*s great that there are a lot of cafes  and restaurants in the mall. If we are very tired and want a little rest we can go to the cinema. So we can combine pleasure things with nesessary ones. When we want to buy food we go to the supermarket with my mother and father. We have different tastes in food that*s why everybody can take what he needs and wants. I think it*s a good family  rest!