Исходя из 1 задания, нужно сделать 2 задание, помогите пож-та....
1. There is some butter on the plate. There is some cheese on the table, but there are no cheese sandwiches. There isn't any sausage on the table. There are some potatoes in the bag. There aren't any bananas on the table, but there are some cucumbers there.

2.Write guestions and answers to the sentences of ex. 1. Example:
Is there any butter on the plate? - Yes, there is.
-Is there_______________________?
-Are there______________________?
-______________________________ и ещё 3 предложения.

Задание для 3 класса по программе "планета знаний"


Ответы и объяснения

1 Is there some cheese on table? Yes, there is
2 is there some sausage on table?  No, there isn't
3Are there any bananas on the bag? No, there aren't
4are there any potatoes on the bag? Yes, there are