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Choose the opposites.Write them down in pairs.
a) dangerous,extraordinary,incredible,real,serious,polite,ancient,tall,handsome,athletic,strong,hard-working,obedient,noisy,unreal.

b) to agree,to put on,to forget,to be right,to start,to repair,to love,to find,to close,to give,to sit,to talk.
to lose, to be wrong,to break,to opem,to hate,to take,to stand, to take off,to keep silent,to stop,to remember, to disagree.
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А) dangerous-safe, extraordinary-ordinary, incredible-usual,real-unreal,serious-funny,polite-impolite,ancient-modern,tall-short,handsome-ugly,athletic-non-athletic, strong-weak, hard-working -lazy,obedient-naughty,noisy-quiet

 to agree-to disagree,to put on-to take off, to forget-to remember,to be right-to be wrong,to start-to stop,to repair-to break,to love-to hate,to find-to lose,to close-to open, to give- to take, to sit - to stand, to talk - to keep silent