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Ответы и объяснения

1) We all played in the Lake Chad.
2) We are the children in this class are good, especially Sasha!
3) I want to hug you every day.
4) Gentle and soft bear.
5) I wonder alone in the woods.
6) Always wanted to shine like the sun.
7) Heat on the street today.
8) I have a beautiful pattern on the bag.
9) He has a good step.
10) Smooth waves on the shore.
11) Very beautiful dawn.
12) We hid in a cave.
13) Hence it could be seen a marble cliff.
14) I have passion for flowers.
15) My friend sing Maid.
16) Here is the principal chief.
17) Gray mist.
18) Slender birch.
19) Long and tall palm