Прочитай письмо, которое Эндрю написал жителям далёкой планеты. Вставь слова, которые стёрлись: summer, my sister, smart, draw, student, write. 10 AprilDear friends, My name is Andrew. I am a boy. I am eight. I am from Great Britain. I live with my mum, dad, and …Rose. I have got a dog Wolfie. Rose and I like to play with Wolfie. Wolfie is merry and …. Have you got dogs or cats, parrots or fish? I go to school and I am a …. I can read, write and count. I like to read fairy tales and … pictures. I also like to … letters to my friends. Do you go to school? Have you got post offices and postmen? I like … . I ride my bike and play football in summer. Can you play football? Have you got spring or winter? Have you got rivers and forests? Please write back. Andrew.


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