12 предложений о театральном выступлении которое я видела, помогите пожалуйста


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1 A year ago I was at the Mariinsky theatre,there was great talk of actors.
Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg
I went on the play called "Eugene Onegin"
I liked the actor who played Eugene Onegin
And I managed to take his aftograf and even take a picture with him
I didn't want to leave this beautiful theatre
But I will never forget this theatrical performance
And this theatrical performance has inspired me to hike to the theatrical Studio and now I'm there
My main dream is to play in the performance "Eugeny Onegin"
I was sitting on the second row of the theater and saw all the emotions on the face of the actors
Fenomenalno played the girl who I also got a picture
When I was leaving the Mariinsky theatre promised myself I will come back here not only will be sitting in the audience,and I will enrapture people play on stage, the main role in a theatrical performances
спасибо огромное!!
я думала уже опоздала )