Помогите составить текст 4.000 символов, на тему "известные люди англоговорящих стран" можно про любого писателя, актера.


Ответы и объяснения

Depp was born in Ovensboro (the USA, the State of Kentucky). His father, John Christopher Depp Starshy, worked as the civil engineer, and his mother, Betti Sju Palmer, — the waitress [2]. At it two sisters — Debbi and Christie, and brother Deniel. Depp's parents have divorced, when that still was the teenager. Mum has married in the second time, writer Robert Palmer (has died in 2000), which Johnny subsequently named «the inspirer» [3]. Death of the grandfather with which the boy has spent all childhood, has negatively affected mentality of the child. Hard Depp has endured also moving to Florida. Since 12 years it has started to smoke, take alcohol. After divorce of parents when he was 15 years old, he has started to be on drugs and soon it have deducted from school. Soon it has found for itself(himself) other hobby — has practised music. Mother has presented to Depp a guitar which he has independently learned to play. Soon it has entered group "Child" (English The Kids), acting in Florida night clubs. At the age of 16 years Depp has thrown school, wishing to devote the life to music. Earlier Depp played to group "P". Johnny's One more hobby is drawing, it was the author of a cover of an album of group. Also Depp is fond of the literature, and one of its favourite authors is Jack Kerouac (English Jack Kerouac) which creativity has strongly affected Johnny's attitude at teenage age.                  НЕ ПОДОЙДЁТ??
он короткий в нем не больше 500-а символов. А мне на 4.ооо тысячи надо
ну не знаю, посмотри в вики-ии там биографии и на англ есть