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Belarus - a picturesque country with a rich history and culture. It has long been famous for her amazing natural beauty, ancient castles, ancient manor houses, churches, temples and churches. Belarus - one of the few places in Europe where you can see unspoiled nature: the largest tracts of ancient forests, unique landscapes, rare plant and animal species.

Rest in Belarus - is an unforgettable holiday in the most beautiful parts of the country. It created the conditions for a peaceful rest and treatment in sanatoriums, and for recreation, which fans will love hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and much more. Popular hiking on numerous national parks, nature reserves. Belarus - a land of countless lakes and rivers, which creates conditions for water sports. On vacation in Belarus, you can make interesting excursions to visit the big cities and small towns, as well as beautiful secluded corners of the country.

Most cities in Belarus have a long history, rich wide variety of events, which remind us of the many attractions of the country. Many cities were destroyed, suffered from fires, but they are rebuilt, reconstructed, so now you have the ability to imagine what they looked like centuries ago.

The capital of Belarus - Minsk - the most populous city. It is a center of cultural and political life in Belarus with a beautiful modern buildings.

Minsk is located on a natural island at the confluence of the rivers Svisloch and Nemiga. During its long history the city has many times destroyed and burned to the ground, but each time has risen from the ruins. Almost all the buildings in Minsk were destroyed during the retreat of the Nazis and restored only after the end of World War II.

The main historical attractions include Trinity suburb of the capital - the restored area of ancient architecture, the Upper City, Site of ancient castle, Jesuit College (XVIII century) and the Church of Mary Magdalene (1847), House of Masons Lane in Music (XVIII century), Peter and Paul Church (Catherine, 1613 g) Pischalovsky Castle (1825) and many others.

Shults - the city where was born the first Belarusian nobility. Owners and founders of the Niasvizh became known throughout medieval Europe, Prince Radziwill. This powerful clan rules Nesvizh for three centuries (XVI-XIX cc.). After a city Radziwill left a great legacy: legends, monuments, flag, and the glory of the medieval center of Belarus.

The palace and park complex in the Niasvizh - is the main attraction of the city. Pearl of the complex - Castle Estate Radziwill. (XVII c.). The castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times before attained its present form. Located near the medieval castle Nesvizh in the village of Mir - another brilliant sight. Recently, Mir Castle was restored and put on the list of world heritage by UNESCO. A little later in the list of included and Niasvizh castle.