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Having a job and having a career are two different things. A job is something we do to make money. We may enjoy the job, work hard at it, and do well, but we primarily do it for money to satisfy our other interests. A career is something that integrates our desires and interests so that it gives us satisfaction above and beyond the money we make. To have a career means development but first of all planning. This process can begin at any age and it’s not always easy. It may take a long time to make up our minds what to choose. Many children change their minds many times. For some people it starts when they are a small child and visit their parents’ place of work. So they follow in their footsteps. For others it can come later through the influence of certain people or events. Very often we are engaged by our friends and follow their advice.Centuries ago there were only a few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, butchers, sailors or salesmen. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs, and new ones are constantly appearing. Nowadays young people look for jobs at different places. They canbe employed by the government, by different companies or just work freelance. When a person is unemployed and have to look for a new job he can apply for a full-time, part-time or regular job. The choice of a job can be influenced by skills and experience, ambition, by both interests and talent, by personal qualities, by some bent for a job or things we are good at and the required qualification as well. Almost all occupations require a university degree. /……./ There are professions which are dangerous. For example the job of a police officer requires physical strength, courage and special trainings. Very often they have to work late hours. Architects, designers, interior decorates, photographers, journalists and editors should have a good imagination. Their job can offer such prospectsas promotion, perks and bonuses and good job opportunities. The job of accountants, programmers, lawyers, chemists and pharmacists requires accuracy and a lot ofexperience. There are jobs which are most or least prestigious, well paid or hardly paid, primarily done by men or women. There are also jobs which are messy, monotonous, backbreaking, not respected, exhausting, boring and even tiring. Young generation is willing to have satisfying, fulfilling, exciting and popular work as well. It’s very important that it must be also rewarding. But available jobs are scarce and difficult to get. The young people face a very competitive job market. That’s why if we want a career, we must start early in our academic life to plan and take steps to develop our professional careers. Second, in addition to a suitable background for a desired career, creativity, self-promotion and preparation are absolutely vital for any sort of success in the job search. And at last we should develop confidence in ourselves and recognize the power that each of us has to take control of our future and shape it in a way that is best for us. As for me, I have made up my mind to be an engineer. As my parents are engineers they have made a great influence on my choice and I can say that this profession runs the family. My choice of this occupation didn't come as a sudden flash. I think that nowadays this profession is of great need and importance in our country. It is my aim to be a qualified specialist and to serve the interests of my country. To be a well preparedengineer I should have some important qualities: great capability, persistence, knowledge of science and, of course, knowledge of foreign languages. In spite of these arguments we mustn’t forget about everybody's vacation. I think that my facilities combined with the knowledge would be quiet enough to succeed in my work.