Задайте 8 различных вопросов:вопрос да/нет,к подлежащему,с вопросительным словом,вопрос с "хвостиком".Используйте схему.
You`re at a hotel in London.You want to stay here for three days.You need a single room.Ask the hotel receptionist:
-if the room is available
-if it`s comfortable,with TV and telephone
-the price
-how far from the city centre the hotel is


Ответы и объяснения

1.       There isn`t a double bed in the room, is there?
2.       Is the room comfortable?
3.       Does the room have TV and telephone?
4.       What is the price of the room?
5.       What is the cheapest room in the hotel?
6.       Is the hotel expensive or cheap?
7.       Is the hotel is near or far from the city centre?
8.       Will the room be available for me for three days?