Задайте 8 различных вопросов:вопрос да/нет,к подлежащему,с вопросительным словом,вопрос с "хвостиком".Используйте схему.
You`re at a shopping centre.You woyld like to buy some clothes.Ask the shop assistant about:
-the color
-if it fits you well
-the price
-the size bigger or smaller
-where the dressing room is


Ответы и объяснения

1) How many colours do you have?
2) Does it fit me well?
3) How much does it cost?
4) Is this size bigger or smaller?
5) Where is the dressing room?
6) When does your shop open?
7) Is the subway near your shop?
8) What countries are the clothes from?
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1.       Are you a shop-assistant?
2.       Have you got different colors?
3.       Does it fit me well?
4.       The price isn`t expensive, is it?
5.       Do you have a bigger size?
6.       What is the cheapest dress you have?
7.       Where is the dressing room?
8.       is this skirt fashion or old-fashion?