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1 - Hello, dad and mum!
2-  Hello, son. How was your day?
1. – Good! Weekend is coming! Nick, Sam and I going to go to the cinema, tomorrow! It would the greatest film that I have ever seen! I can not wait it!
2. – son! Don’t you forget about reunion party?
1. – Oh, no! it would be tomorrow…Dad, I won’t go, sorry!
2. – oh, yes! The reunion party will be this Saturday at the grandmother’s house at 5 p.m. and you’ll go there!
1. –but dad! I have already planned my Saturday evening,I can't sum my friends, I promised them to spend this Saturday with them. 
2.- So you can change your plan! You can watch this film later, in Sunday for a example. Family: A simple small but important word for each human being. It is not important that you have too many people you carry on a family but it is more important that there be good understanding among the family members. It is important how they behave in difficult situations and help out each other when critical times come. Son, this party is very important for our grandmother! You know how she is waiting for you every time! And she will be very disappointed if you don’t come. Don’t you see?
1. – ok dad, I see.  
2. - by the way, you can invite your friends into the party! and so you'll keep your promiss,  you'll spend this Saturday together.
1. thanks dad! it would be good!