Блин ребят,помогите пожалуйста! Срочно надо! Нужно выделенные слова заменить данными. Вообще они подчёркнуты,но я просто напишу их большими буквами
Research the job
(0)DISCOVER(find out-это образец и он изменён) what skills and knowledge the employers are likely to be ( 1) TRYING TO FIND and (2) CONSIDER your skills.
Research yourself
(3) DISCOVER how this job fits into your career plan.
(4) EXAMINE your information and (5) SERIOUSLY CONSIDER possible answers to problem areas — have an explanation for poor
exam results, for example. But don’t (6) EXPLAIN unnecessary details and don’t (7) INVENT information. Make sure you know what job applications are like and have all the information you need to (8) WRITE WHAT IS NECESSARY IN these applicatidns. (9) STYDY your CV and think about the questions an interviewer might ask and (10) HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT some answers. Go to bed early the night before in order (11) TO GET OUT OF BED early next day. Try to look your best at the interview.
(12) GET DRESSED in a smart suit.
Слова,которыми нужно заменить выделенные:
1.to come up with
2.to fill in
3.to find out
4.to get up
5.to go into
6.to look for
7.to look through
8.to make up
9.to put on
10.to think of
11.to think over
12.to read through


Ответы и объяснения

1. Looking for
2. Think of
3. Find out 
4. Read through
5.Think over
6. Go into
7. Come up with
8.Fill in
9.Look through
10. Make up
11. Get up
12. Put on