Напиши вопросы и ответь на них.
1. Ben/camera
2. you/guitar
3. we/car
4. he/parrot
5. Sue/ballon
6. you/bike
7. Costas/radio
8. they/computer


Ответы и объяснения

1. -How often Ben uses his camera?
-He uses his camera only if he need to do some videos.
2. -Did you ever play the guitar?
-No, but i'd want to try.
3. -When we bought a new car?
-I think we bought it next month.
4. -What he want from the parrot?
-He tries to feed it.
5. - For what the ballon is necessary to Sue?
- I don't know. Maybe you will ask her?
6. -Did you ride a bike every morning?
-Yes, it's necassery to me to go to school.
7. -Is that Costas' radio?
-Yes, that radio is his.
8. -How much time they play the computer?
-Maybe 2-3 hours per day.