Помогите люди!!
плиз,срочно,помогите с упражнением,нужны правильные и грамотные ответы,срочно,помогите с упражнением,нужны ответы на вопросы,плиз!!----->>>
Speak about your favourite season
.what season is it?
What makes it beautiful?
What makes it pleasant ?
What can you do in this season ?
What can you enjoy in this season ?
what holidays do people celebrate in this season?


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1. It is summer.
2. Hot sun and blue sea make it beautiful.
3. Sunny, bright und colorful days make it pleasant and unforgettable.
4. I can sailing, fishing, swimming, diving, windsurfing, sunbathing in this season.
5. I can enjoy juicy apples, beautiful landscapes and long walking with my friends in this season.
6. Я не поняла вопроса :с
Ну, не особо они полные и красочные, но вроде как правильные :)