Нужна дополнительная информация про Житомир на Английском языке и перевод на украинский.


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Zhitomir City - is the regional center of Zhytomyr region in Ukraine. Zhitomir is the oldest city of the ancient Russian state. Zhytomyr population of 280 thousand people as of 2005. The city area - 6700 ha. The city was founded in 884 , and the name comes from the name of Zhytomyr combatant , princes Askold and Dir . In the city a large number of companies that produce products such as glass, man-made fiber , various fabrics, furniture, shoes , car parts . Production of natural stone processing . Zhitomir is divided into nine districts : Hmilniki , Kroshnya , Vidumka , Dovzhik , Smokovka , Korbutovka , Smolianka , Levkov , chop . Zhytomyr region is very rich in minerals , so it is often referred to as "small Urals ." Zhytomyr - the birthplace of famous scientists, writers and composers. City include life and work of famous figures of science and culture . In a city historical museum , art gallery, museum of nature, literary-memorial museum VGKorolenko Memorial House - Museum of Academician Sergei Korolev , Literary Museum and Museum of the History of Zhytomyr fire protection , as well as the only one in Ukraine Museum of Cosmonautics . Zhitomir city on all sides surrounded by ancient forests, rivers flowing through it Grouse , Kamenka, forest and field , Yaroshenko Putyatinka . City rich in parks and gardens . In a suburb on the banks of the reservoir is Teterevsky wonderful water park . In a forested area located adjacent cozy motels .