Exercise 5 Present Simple

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

I (a) __________ (have) two brothers, Simon and Chris. They (b) __________ (live) in London. Simon (c) __________ (be) a pilot and Chris (d) __________ (work) in a garage. Simon (e) __________ (like) flying, but Chris (f) __________ __________ (not like) mending cars. At weekends I (g) __________ (go) to London and I (h) __________ (stay) with them. We (i) __________ (go) to the theatre or to the cinema on Saturday evening, and on Sunday we (j) __________ (walk) in Hyde Park.

Exercise 6 be and do

Put a verb from the box into each gap.

Example Peter is a teacher.

am / am not

does / does not

is / is not

do / do not

are / are not

I __________ hungry. Can I have an apple?

How __________ you travel to work?

Rome __________ in Spain. It __________ in Italy.

Mary and Sarah __________ like milk.

__________ James have two jobs?

Ben __________ like travelling by bus.

We aren’t from Spain – we __________ from Portugal.

__________ you like ice cream? - No, I __________.

Exercise 7 a, an, the, or nothing

Put a, an, the, or nothing in the gaps.

Example Madonna is a singer.

I have __________ breakfast at eight o’clock.

I read __________ Times every day.

Peter goes to __________ school by bus.

Can I have __________ chicken sandwich, please.

Please close __________ window. It’s cold!

What time do you go to __________ bed?

Paul Newman is __________ actor.

I like playing volleyball on __________ beach.

Sylvia doesn’t go to wok by __________ car.

David has __________ house in London.


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5 упражнение
a) have
b) live
c) is
d) workes
e) likes
f) doesn't like
g) go
h) stay
i) go
j) walk

6 упражнение
1 am
2 are
3 is not и is
4 don't
5 does
6 doesn't
7 are
8 do
9 don't
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