Надо бы написать краткое сочинение , про фобии и их последствия, и как их преодолевать


Ответы и объяснения

We all have fears and all we want to overcome them. In norm, fear is necessary for us, to save us from danger and unjustified risk. But I fear there is a negative side - if not to overcome negative influence of the source of fear in the mind and the body in General, the fear can affect the ability to think rationally and appropriately, can cause aggression and panic. And if exposed to fear systematically, it can lead to stress, immune suppression and poor health, so to overcome fear is a must. What lies behind the fears and phobias actually, what their causes, and what can we do in practice?


If you do not understand the reasons of fear, he becomes a phobia and thereby strengthened Fears and faliure very deep in the subconscious. Phobias are fears that dominate the whole life of a person, and influence totally to any of its decisions, and limit his life, driving it. Phobias are phobias, intense and overwhelming that cover a person, despite their understanding of senselessness and attempts to deal with them.

Phobias are surfacing in the consciousness of a person against his will and not be arbitrarily «expelled» from the consciousness. Phobia is always irrational, inadequate situation, fear, in which people consciously or unconsciously trying to avoid object, activity or situation that fear the caller.


Then, what kind of fear or phobia appeared in humans, depends entirely on his responses, its susceptibility, peculiarities of education, i.e. from the personality.

Really a phobia is only one of the three so-called obsessions, there are still obsessive and compulsion fact, on the question of how to conquer fear, the answer may be only one - to find out all the reasons your fear or phobia, which lie in the subconscious, and to solve them. At the moment there are many systems that work effectively with the subconscious. One of their most effective is the Turbo Gopher. Despite its «children» name, it is currently the most serious equipment for work with yourself, your personality, your Ego and unconscious sphere. It is difficult to determine what the cause of your fear, to hit the problem of a point, and in this situation it makes sense to work with the whole person. In our consciousness and subconscious, all intertwined so much that it is simply impossible to get a single thread from this tangle. Believe our experience, easier and more efficient to work around the «tangle» systematically and gradually loosening it.
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