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My family isn`t big. there are four of us: my mum, my dad, my younger sister, linda, and l. l get on well with my parents, but l often argue with my sister. l have to share a room with her. linda is only six and she likes to take my things. It makes me crazy, but my mum always defends her. do you get on well with the members of your family? have you got any problems? how do you spend your free time? please, write me soon.


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Вот тебе мой изменённый ответ. Ладно, пишу, что хочу. Hi. My family isn't big too. I have no brothers or sisters. I'm the only child in my family. And my family is very cool. We have good relationships between us. In my free time I like dancing and singing. But almost all my free time I spend with my friends. And how do U spend your free time? write me soon:) bye
Нет мне надо было ответить на само письмо, а ее только еа вопросы :)
Да пиши что хочешь, не главное что обо мне