1)Do you like travel?2)Why do you travel?3)Do you belive that traveling is dangerous?4)Is it your hobby?5)What kind of transport do you prefer for travelling?6)Why do people travel?7)Where can we cross roads?8)How do you get to your polytechnical school? Describe your route
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Yes, I like to travel because I can see a lot of new places and meet new people.  I believe that traveling can be dangerous nowadays because terrorist attacks are frequent.  I cannot say that traveling is my hobby because I don't have so much time and money for it.  When I travel a long distance,  I prefer planes and trains.  If the distance is short, a car or a bus is good enough.  People travel because they want to see new places or to have a holiday in a pleasant or exotic  place.

We cross roads at the zebra crossing near the traffic light. 

I get to my polytechnical school by bus. The bus stop is just opposite my house. The bus goes through the city centre and it takes me half an hour to get to my polytechnical school. I get off at the fifth stop and then  walk a little.