Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение рассказ "какие факторы важны при выборе работы " ( на английском)


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People think that the most important factor of a good job is money that a person earns. Most people consider salary as a key factor when they are looking for a job. We cannot live without money, but to my mind, it is very important to consider several factors when choosing a job, for example: good working conditions, prospects for promotion, good colleagues, opportunities to learn new things, and a flexible schedule, especially for women with children. You will feel happy at your job, if it has a combination of all these aspects. They are interconnected with each other. In general, the best job should be connected with your interests, as follows: communicating with people, using foreign languages, doing some creative tasks, and others things you like to do. It is highly important to have an opportunity to realize your potential and have a sense of stability.