Ответы и объяснения

Everyone hopes that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. We all believe that our problems will be solved. But correct to say that the future begins today. If we want it to be happy, then it is high time to do something for this.

In my opinion, in a global sense, we're all standing on the threshold of a good future, because our current opportunities are great. We are free and can themselves build their lives. Science deepens knowledge of the world, improved technology, develop communication tools. All this can help to ensure that humanity will solve all existing problems and will build a happy future for all.

My world of the future is not really a fantastic pictures from the movies. I would like, that in the future we have solved the problems of ecology, heavy diseases of poverty. So that plants and factories pollute the environment, everywhere planted trees, protected plants and animals. In the future we need to live in a clean and comfortable cities and ride safe transport. People must do everything to preserve nature, and besides yourself to eat healthy and to breathe fresh air, to work in normal conditions. All this will make us more healthy and help prevent disease.

And also, I hope that people in the world of the future will be happier. They will have more free time, so that they are able to do what you love.

As for me, I realize that no one alone can't make the world a better place. So everyone has to work on himself, to develop the necessary quality. Learn, acquire a profession, to expand their horizons. And in order to be happy, the man needs not only of space technology, and the warmth and friendship of close friends. If we all are kind to each other, then our world will be a better place right now.